Sunday, March 13, 2011


The color, texture and cultural history of quilts has always interested me. I inherited many quits from my great, great, grandmother's family and the attention and care that went into each one is priceless. Gees Bend quilts (seen above), with their non traditional patterns and design are so progressive, it surprises me that they were created by self-taught artists from a small and isolated community in Alabama in the 1940's. Their style, color hits and graphic arrangements similar to the Bauhaus movement that happened in Germany in the 1920's.

When I came across the work of Fred Shand, from Suffolk, England, her work looks like large painted canvases, only to get up close and see that they are stitched fabric quilts. She mixes screen printing, paint, inky washes, stitched fabric all collaged to create these untraditional quilts. Her website is not finished, but there are snap shots of her workspace and inspiration. I love seeing the inspiration of other artists!

image and information: fred shand, anthropologie
image and information: gees bend quilts via:

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