Thursday, March 24, 2011

inspiration...if walls could talk

Washington, NC

Washington, GA

Paxton, Ill

Moline, Ill
I think I just need to embrace the fact that I am a hopeless romantic. Always cheering for the star crossed lovers, impossible situations and mysterious looks. Movies and books get me every time, but one major point of mysterious romance are old homes. Grand homes with walls that talk. High ceilings, molding, ebony floors and aged glass. My brain can't help but lurch into fantastic tales and impressive characters. That is why I love to dig through this historical properties website. Not only can you find antique property for sale, but you get a glimpse into the past.
Above are some of my picks. Would I want a cosy home in the middle of farm land in the Midwest or an antebellum mansion in the South?



  1. That house in Washington, NC looks familiar, Rachel! My parents used to live in downtown Wash.

  2. yeah, looks like it might be on the water. so gorgeous!