Sunday, February 20, 2011

inspiration...the future

Sad to say the new year posting spree has tapered off to nothing! That is what a huge deadline does to the 'ol "free time"! This post is two fold, first, I just love this idea of organizing your to-do list based on shape and color via The Daily Stack. I needed that last week, for sure. It really taxes the brain to keep all kinds of things in order, moving, making progress and keeping a smile on your face. There definitely needs to be a colored block for that one!
The second reason for this post is to announce that my husband is blogging! When we were in college, we would write each other notes and long emails. Now that we are married and see each other every second of the day, we miss out on the romantic part of writing our thoughts. His theories and thoughts on design are featured here: He cofounded this company six months ago with our talented friend, Nick!

image and information: The Future Forward
and Red Boat Opera

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