Wednesday, January 19, 2011

inspiration...scrap booking for designers

"The Plibook collection consists of little accordion-pleated books that each slide into their own cardboard case. These pretty books offer the perfect space for self-expression, where only lines, shapes and colours guide you. They can be used as an ideas notebook, a diary or a birth book and are for you to fill, as you wish, deciding yourself which zones you want for text and which way you want to read it, and where you want to put pictures … You can stick in photos and air tickets, draw portraits and landscapes and make a note of your thoughts and the size of your newborn baby!"

When I hear the word "scrap booking" I cringe. I like the idea of collecting memories, but something was lost when it hit Michael's craft supply store. This little designed book is sleek, simple and stylish and open for personal creativity and story that is honest and refined. No glitter.

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