Friday, January 7, 2011


Today I went to the first birthday party of my little buddy, Gemma. I remember when she was born to our best friends. She is their first child so this past year has been about new experiences. She has been the first person in my life that I have been able to know from day one and watch her grow and see all her "firsts". That is a very special blessing. This was also the first week of the new year. My first week of posting paint swatches and making a big effort to share daily. My first week back to work and wrapping my head around what this work year will look like. I am pumped! We all have "firsts" so let's embrace them and celebrate them!

Gemma's cake was spectacular. It was very tame and minimal design on the outside (that was for you Jim!) but when you cut into it, there was a rainbow shooting out!! Five layers of colors. Since I love color, this cake was so perfect to me. My favorite shade, one I had never seen in edible form, was the royal blue bottom layer.

color swatch: ediblue

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