Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just finished day two of our Copenhagen trip, lots of shopping! When I look at the map, I realize that we really didn't get too far, there is so much packed into one central area. With Field Notes in hand, we walked through some footwear shops, designer boutiques, a gorgeous department store called Illum, home ware shops and men's specialty shops. All day the snow was falling in large white flakes as we walked over slick cobblestone side streets. We window shopped at La Glace and walked through a Christmas fair set up for sucker tourists. I am even contemplating purchasing a large Russian rabbit fur hat! Every woman over the age of 50 seems to have a long fur coat and every young person a fur trimmed floppy hat.
The last image is of me looking into the magical store front window of Tage Andersen, a world famous floral artist. We stepped into the shop, only to be greeted by exotic birds in cages and rustic, twisted vines, and flowers everywhere. We did not have time to take the tour of the entire gallery, but the window itself was enough to understand what you would see on the different floors. Stunning. I learned from watching Man Shops Globe, that "amazing" is always right around the corner or up those stairs, you just have to be willing to go that next step. Wonder what tomorrow's next step will bring...