Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fifth and final day in Copenhagen. Started with an early departure with coffee in hand to wander the empty streets. Boy was there a party last night, trash and vomit and other gross things. Glad I was warm in bed NOT getting trashed! We wandered the streets the entire day and ended up finding the last of the shops on our list, which was awesome not to get out a map. In the back of my head I was hoping to find that shop, "the-shop" that would just wow me and inspire me once again to continue my small steps to my "one day dream" shop. And by fate, we stumbled upon that shop. Fildefer is a little French antique shop that was speaking my language! By every measure of the word, this shop was Rachel-Perfect! Everything was in the perfect spot, displayed in a creative way all packed into a small area. Large furniture, chairs, juggling pins, metal letters, antique baskets, military blankets, guided mirrors, old books, military cots, turn after turn. I took these two shots because they are what I have in mind for kind of desk set ups I have in my head, and there they were in person. I wanted that school house chalk board!!!!! I practically attacked the shop owner, I was so giddy. He was surprised and pleased that we literally fell into the shop from the street with no clue. From the looks of his site, I have a feeling he is well-known. I bet I am not the only person who loves what he does and appreciates his eye for beauty. He finds all his product from French flea markets and shops.

Perfect ending to a perfect trip. Now a 10 hour flight awaits.


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