Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day three was a bit on the slower side, which was needed after not getting much sleep. I think jet lag is catching up and the cold is making it hard to want to be outside exploring. So we took a train out of the city, north, to the Louisiana Modern Art Museum It was really nice to walk around this gorgeous building, a mix of old, new, and classic Scandinavian architecture. The large, open windows, glass enclosed walkways and gigantic galleries were a mix of white painted brick, slatted walls, slate floors and glass. Outside was vast white snow and the icy cold water that leads to Sweden. The cafeteria gave the best view of the water, with a roaring fire to remind us that we were, in fact, inside. The art was really inspiring, seeing color palettes from traditional Danish artists to sculpture and mixed media. My favorite artist was Walton Ford, an American artist that is inspired by John Audubon, but takes it to a dark, complex level of story telling and illustration. Seeing them in their true scale was breathtaking.


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