Friday, December 3, 2010

Day four of our trip was more energized then day three. I got my energy back and was ready to attack the shops. Only to find out they opened an hour later then the other neighborhood we were in perviously. We killed some time taking pictures of the area and having a coco at the "hip" coffee shop in the area. It was pretty hip, I felt like they "knew" we were not from around there! My travel partner loves to ask people for help or suggestions or just to chat. I am more reserved and will only chat if I feel comfortable. His chattiness is good because we find out so much more! This led us to the Danish Design School Christmas Fair. I remember the event at my art school and knew it was a great place to see new ideas from up and coming artist as well as purchase some cool gifts. The energy spent trying to figure out the train/bus situation paid off with a pretty cool experience. These kids were so in-the-know and the items were top notch. And pretty savvy, I ran out of coins, just shy of 10 kr, and I offered what I had and got denied! ouch. Oh well, that kid lost a sale ;)

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