Sunday, December 12, 2010

1. Silver Tie Clip 2. Orla Kiely Pattern book 3. Keel's Simple Diary 4. Converse/UnDefeated high-tops 5. Wrap sweater 6. Woolrich Plaid Bill Holder 7. Zoo Year Calendar 8. Hickory Stripe Selvedge Tie 9. Magnify Glass 10. Alphabet Roller Stamp 11. Shrewd Stitches Stole

Christmas is a time to exchange gifts with family and friends, weather handmade or found at their favorite shop, the gift is a thoughtful, tangible way to say you love and appreciate them being in your life and that you took time to find something special for them. I have stopped making a list in my personal life because I don't really want to take that thoughtful process from the ones I love. I want them to feel like they can have the freedom to give in any way they define giving.
This season, people are looking for the perfect gifts that continually give during the year, like a book, cool kicks, a daily diary or a calendar that is looked at everyday. Quality gifts that will last for men, like the Woolrich plaid wallet or silver tie clip and selvedge material ties, since ties are back for men! Cosy pieces for women, like the quirky knit fox stole or the wrap sweater. Useful objects with beauty in form and a bit of fun, like the alphabet stamp and the eyeglass magnify glass- perfect for a stylish lady's desk. Whatever the gift is, big or small, give it with love by verbally saying how much you love that special person in your life. This should be an everyday moment, not just once a year!

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