Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am here in Copenhagen, taking in the sites and will be reporting back to work all sorts of trends and information about this design community. It is such an honor to have this chance to see the world and focus for one week on what I love so much, history, art, fashion, design and product. The people here are gorgeous and I just love seeing this community embrace cycling and being outside. Our hotel is a block away from Tivoli, I look forward to having more time checking it out and seeing the many gardens, though winter is here, clearly, there are many indoor gardens as well. We visited the Design Center and the National Museum, both such great snap shots of the rich culture and history of this area. From cleanly designed wooden clogs to the stark design of Arne Jacobsen, the Scandinavian aesthetic is so strong. My aunt and uncle turned me on to this type of design, and now I appreciate their keen eye when used to remodel their home in Boston. Small and Smart are key here.


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  1. beautifully written. makes me want to be there with you!