Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful imagery is not the only thing that inspires me, music is often where I get lost in thoughts and create a pretty elaborate dream land. I had a wonderful summer, and here are the tunes that I was listening to while traveling, working, landscaping and creating. Hope you find your next "favorite" band somewhere in that list!

1. Santa Monica Dream (Angus and Julia Stone) I visited Santa Monica and really enjoyed the beauty and slow California lifestyle
2. Toute Le Monde (Carla Bruni) I find her voice so soft and romantic, and I don't even know what she is saying! ha!
3. Outside Looking In (Chelsea Williams) I watched her sing on the Promanade in Santa Monica. She is the best street performer I have ever heard and I just had to purchase her music.
4. Forever and Ever Amen (The Drums) I have to apologize to my husband for playing this song way too much!
5. Pennies from Heaven (Billie Holiday) Every movie has a "get stuff done" song. For my life, this is the song! I always see myself zipping through an urban city while the sun shines and everyone says "hello" to me (okay, I did say I had an imagination...)
6. Soldier (Ingrid Michaelson) My friend at work gave me this CD and I have wrecked it thus far. Cant' wait for her concert in two weeks!!
7. Sud I Eyrum (Sigur Ros) I thought I might get to visit Iceland, and this song takes me there in the first note...
8. Just Say Yes (Snow Patrol) Just say yes to this song and play it LOUD!
9. You are My Joy (The Reindeer Selection) I think I was meant to visit Ireland and hang out with Gary Lightbody. His voice is dreamy. Period.
10. Drunk Girls (LCD Soundsystem) The designers loved this song so much, I heard it everyday for a month. Good song.
11. VCR (The XX) Just enjoying this band.
12. Cosmic Love (Florence + The Machine) A bit dark and haunting, exactly what I am always in the mood for.
13. Mountain and the Sea (Ingrid Michaelson) Beautiful poetic lyrics.

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