Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We just got back from a trip to see our families in North Carolina. We came across a cute boutique in an artisan's mall. There is also a full sized shop in a renovated home near my all-time favorite place, Krispy Kreme. So after I ate a delicious glazed cream filled, we walked over for a visit. Wow! I was so blown away! Coastal Fog was amazing, so many beautiful things, all in the very theme I am obsessed over right now. Pale blue ceilings, linen, jute, white sofas, nautical pillows, botanical wall hangings, antiques mixed with new, lovely! The icing on the cake were these huge birdcages for finches. I don't have any information on them, I think you can order them custom made from the shop and they GIVE you two birds free! I could sit and watch for hours...

Just a note, the site does not do the shop justice.

Maybe they would like a re-design by my husband: thefutureforward? Make a deal a website for a birdcage?? I can dream, right?

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