Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our walls in our house are really bare. I guess I am just waiting to find the perfect art to fill them. But lately, I am having trouble waiting. Our living room is really neutral, so I began thinking of cheap ways to make the furniture pop. I decided on a deep blue, grey wall color by Sherwin Williams called Grays Harbor. This will allow the light colored sofa to pop, along with the crown molding and the fireplace molding that we are going to design and build. Since the house theme is still cottage nautical, to bring accent colors into the room, I want to enlarge some pages from my book of Ernst Haeckel sketches. The fantastical creatures in vivid coral reds and mustard yellows would look great on the dark grey walls. I am also going to hang an antique mirror collection over the entry table to bounce light from the large picture window back into the room. Finish it off with mounted lantern sconces on either side of the fire place. This might take some time, but I am excited about the concept. Any thoughts on how to make it better?

Images: couch, rug, chair, basket, table, lantern, pillow, mirrors, art

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